Bitcoin whales, the major players in the crypto world

One question that is on the lips of every potential cryptocurrency investor is; who are the major investors in the crypto space? The answer to this question goes a long way to guarantee every potential investor’s confidence, knowing that he/she will make a profit on investment. Well, without further ado, the major players in the industry are referred to as the “Whales”, or for the average investor, the bitcoin whales.


The Whales are people that possess several digital currencies worth millions of dollars. In fact, “in old school” financial parlance, the whales are referred to people high net worth (HNW).
These people are regarded as whales because each time they transact business at exchanges, they transact in humongous volume.

But who are these whales?

One may ask; who are persons that makeup whales. Well, whales consist of cryptocurrency hedge funds, holders of bitcoin in large quantity, venture capitals, early investors, investment bankers, and retail investors. One attribute that is common within the whales’ circle is that they got into cryptocurrency early and then invested their way to their top.
Currently, the crypto space is dominated by the retail investors or people that are referred to as “Mum and Dad” in the financial market parlance. If we are to introduce a ranking system to rank the cryptocurrency market share or who owns the most share, what we would see at best would be:

• Crypto enthusiasts, holders, experts, and early adopters
•Hedge funds and Cryptocurrency venture capitalists
•Retail investors. These classes of people as pointed out earlier are “Mum and Dad”. Also, they can also be regarded in the crypto world as “Son and Daughter” investors.
• Millennials: These are those people that are currently ruling this market. A survey (Blockchain Capital survey) recently adduce to the fact that the average age of managers that controls cryptocurrency hedge-fund is 26.
• Wall Street and Investment Banks

One interesting thing right now is that most of the traditional financial institution such as mutual funds, endowment funds, pension funds, and insurance companies are striving to dominate the cryptocurrency space, however; it is too tough for them to get it.

These traditional financial institutions are supposed to be the real whales due to the fact that the amount of money in their possession is bigger than what it is today. For instance, the pension funds alone are worth over $6 trillion. Can the cryptocurrency market compete with this figure? The answer is an obvious NO. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is not even close to the pension funds.

So, since the individual investor is at somewhat of a disadvantage, is there a way that the whales can be beaten?  Please let us know your comments or “whale beating” strategies below…..