Blockchain to your dinner plate; real world examples at work

We constantly hear how the blockchain will soon revolutionize many platforms and how many businesses will adopt the technology, but how often do we hear about the blockchain working right now, every day, to protect our stomachs by maintaining quality of the food we eat?  Today, Hyperledger Sawtooth’s distributed ledger technology is doing just that, allowing foolproof trace capability in the seafood supply chain.

The seafood industry has been faced with challenges of incorrect labeling and latent integrity for years.  A study by Oceana determined that an estimated 33% of fish purchased from outlets is incorrectly labeled, and that illegal fishing represents losses of between 10-23 Billion dollars world wide, that this mislabeled and illegally sourced fish can hurt customers of restaurants as well as the environment.  So this new technology allows the final buyer in the supply chain to access the complete history and accurate record of the sourced fish, from ocean to his restaurant, alleviating a restaurant owners fears of serving up bad fish to restaurant customers.

In this example, IoT sensors are attached to the fish (or whichever product if in another industry) to track the journey of the seafood from ocean to table, including each link in the chain of possession, as well as advanced metrics such as temperature, locations, shock movement, humidity, and any other measurable parameter one would like to include in the ledger.

This solves the real world problem of traditional issues with the seafood supply chain, which has been laden with errors in a manual labor intensive record keeping system that is antiquated and primitive, prone to fraudulent alteration at a suppliers whim.  Additionally, the controls provided can help manage illegal and unreported fishing practices including but not limited to improper food storage conditions and mislabeling (seafood fraud).


Is the entire world using this technology? Of course not- but since Hyperledgers launch in 2016, partnered with Linux foundation, it holds the distinction of being the fastest growing blockchain framework codebase.

Here’s a great video from their site animating the aforementioned example:



Contributor Author: Mitch Elbiali,  crypto and blockchain enthusiast

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