Cryptocurrency education enters University classrooms


One may ask “where do we lean the nitty-gritty of cryptocurrencies”? The best place to learn cryptocurrency is at the four corners of a classroom.

The need for proper cryptocurrency education has made several universities and other institutions to consider adding classes on Bitcoin and Blockchain in their course curriculum. As a matter of fact, the University of Maryland, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has started lecturing their graduate-level classes about Blockchain, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies.

“Back in 2014 when I gave a lecture on Bitcoin in one of my classes, the topic elicited gentle ribbing from my colleagues. However, a few months later, Basel sent me an invitation to come and enlightened central bankers about the topic of Bitcoin. No sooner had I gone there that the joking from my colleagues stopped,” Said David Yermack, a New York University’s business and law professor.

Bitcoin discussion class that was arranged by Mr Yermack this semester for 180 students was moved to a large hall that can accommodate 225 students, an indication that students are now showing keen interest to gain the knowledge of cryptocurrency.

It is no longer news that virtual currencies are gradually replacing fiat-based currencies. This is due to the several benefits inherent in cryptocurrencies. Financial pundits have advised that before plunging funds into any investment, it is important for potential investors to have a grasp about such an investment. The same can also be said about investment in cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Coursera, an online learning website, has recorded cryptocurrencies to be its fifth most popular class. The course is usually taught by Arvind Narayanan, a professor of the computer at the Princeton.

Last month, there was an unprecedented number of students that attended the first class on Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain at the University of California. “You should count yourself lucky to attend this class. This is an opportunity other students are seeking for,” Dawn Song, a professor of computer science asserted during the class session.  Due to the dynamic development of cryptocurrency, Dawn Song enjoyed the students to forgive any teacher that makes a mistake on occasion.

The first class on cryptocurrency at the University of California got 75 spots. The 75 spots were evenly divided among the engineering department, law school, and the computer science department. According to a statement by Ms Song, her department had 100 students that vied for the 25spots allocated to computer science.

The interest in virtual currencies may not be unconnected to its rising price over the last few years. According to some professors in diverse fields, it becomes necessary to study cryptocurrencies, not just because of the price, but due to a host of other issues.

Financial regulators have been disabled as entrepreneurs raised a huge amount of money just by selling cryptocurrency token without passing through the conventional means of raising funds.

Students and professors have aligned their views to agree that apart from academic possibilities, the knowledge of cryptocurrency will go a long way to help them succeed when they start investing in virtual currencies and the job market.