Crypto’s wild ride – winners and loses

We’re here with Professor David Yermack who runs the FinTech specialization at the NYU Stern School of Business. He also chairs the finance department and chairs the effort around law and business. Anyways, one of our most popular segments was talking to Professor Yermack about trends in cryptocurrencies.

It’s been about five months and we wanted to check in. Please respond in our comments if you would like to see something like this every week. We get a ton of interest in crypto.

So with that, since we last sat down Professor Yermack, give us some of the updates or what’s happened in the world of crypto.

Well there was a spectacular run-up in the fall that culminated in Bitcoin briefly trading for about $20,000 shortly before Christmas. Then it dropped 70%. Now it’s doubled. In other words, this has been a very wild ride.