Is Nano better than Ripple?

Nano which has been re-branded from the previous Railblocks, with an all new supporting website, may be ready to take on the big names in the Financial transaction settlement space.  With transaction speeds nearly instant and at a capacity of over 1000 per second, this may be superior tech to Ripple which deems necessary further investigation.

This visual quick 10 second video shows a transaction speed comparison between NANO/RaiBlocks(XRB),  bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin and ripple (xrp):

The most important aspect of any technology is always public adoption of the technology. This has been proven with chome, iPhones, Microsoft etc..instead of some narrow minded tx/s provide statistics on real world uses of Nano?.. for example; Has Nano been adopted in governments and banks?

Secondly should always be the number of apps currently in development. This is important as it shows real world use and apps take months / years to develop. (How far along are apps built on Nano? in comparison to other Blockchains?)

Finally, I struggled placing this on top… The number of developers working on projects on Nano. Mass adoption of these projects shows the technologies potential for future growth. (How many apps and tokens are currently on Nano versus the others?)

These 3 items are by far the hardest to obtain because they are real people, with real world use and real apps will take years to build up. (ETH and BTC are 4-5 years in front).

I can see there is jaws dropping in awe of Nano and Neo’s transactions per second. This is completely irrelevant as it can be fixed literally overnight with a patch. (I.e bitcoin and the lightning network). Not sure why this dumbass comparison of tx/s continues to circulate, then again its because dumbasses think that’s all that’s relevant lol

The questions on everyone’s minds when picking a good investment should be answers to the difficult questions above..

1. Answer this? how can Nano magically find hundreds of thousands of developers? It will take many years.

2. how can their tech do what something like Ethereum has done and meet with the worlds governments, institutions and banks? Vitalik has visited some crazy number of countries for talks, shows and presentations. Give me figures for Nano?

You begin to see that the transactions per second are a trivial factor in any Blockchain technology as we can just patch the problem and improve the code. I hope you see the bigger picture that takes years to build and this is and always will be mass adoption.

‘First in, best dressed’ – this quote has a lot of meaning in this instance.”

Lance, Contributor Author, Crypto Facebook group

As of today, Nano is up 37% at a price of $12 , down from its recent high of about $35 pre-cryptocurrency crash.  Here is a summary of their tech from a video on their website at