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CryptoMarketWire Mission

We look to provide our readership with the knowledge and tools needed to understand this quickly evolving stage of new money, focusing on expert insights of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and the blockchain.

Editorial Independence

The journalist team at CryptoMarketWire strives to objectively report and inform on the latest trends and developments within the cryptocurrency marketplace, maintaining integrity and independence of any financial incentives.  We don’t accept payment for endorsing products we do not recommend, although we do accept payment for publication of press releases, which are labeled and marked accordingly.

Full Disclosure

All writers and participants in the production of site content will disclose if the author is a holder of cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

How does CryptoMarketWire make money?

The site earns money through advertising and accepts payment in bitcoin from its sponsors and advertisers.

Disclaimer: CryptoMarketWire accepts money to publish press-releases which are marked accordingly; however, we we cannot guarantee any claims contained in these press-releases. It is advisable to always do proper due diligence before investing or sending any money to companies and services, particularly those who guarantee profits.